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5.5" - Wee Bear Daycare Center RETIRED

5.5"  - Wee Bear Daycare Center    RETIRED
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5.5"  - Wee Bear Daycare Center    RETIRED
If ya hear the sound of children gigglin', go up the hill and you'll find the Wee Bear Daycare Center, a home away from home for bear cubs durin' the work day! Head teacher Mrs. Rogers designed the daycare to look like a storybook cottage complete with slate tile and thatched roof and even hand-painted letters of the alphabet and colorful fruits on the siding! Bloomin' roses climb up the doorway (thornless of course-don't wanna hurt the kiddies), flowers are burstin' from the window boxes, and Mrs. Rogers even installed spring animals in the back (really rock back and forth!). Cubs have the most fun on the slippy slide-Susie, day care assistant, is out back givin' it a test-ride. It's almost nap time...Mrs. Rogers is up in the readin' room...nuthin' like a good book to lull her little charges to sleep!

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