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Tasha Butterfly Ring doll RETIRED

Tasha Butterfly Ring doll RETIRED
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Tasha Butterfly Ring doll RETIRED
Tasha - In keeping with the butterfly theme, all of the dolls have butterflies in various parts of their attire - jewelry charms, hair ornaments, beading design, etc. Tasha even has a butterfly tattoo on her derriere. All of the dolls have panties with an embroidered butterfly and there is a butterfly inside the lining of the gowns. The stand in a translucent pink sparkle butterfly shape with loose "gems" inside the base. The dolls come with a necklace for the collector - a flexible wire necklace with a butterfly charm. All of their eyes have a "sparkle" in them, a gem that sparkles. The packaging is simple and fairly compact - a narrow aqua shoebox style box with a butterfly cut-out where you can see the doll's face.

Among the nice details of the clothing are chains on the inside of cloaks/dresses, so you can hang them up and a label with washing instructions. Some of the dolls have pantyhose, some have stockings. All of them have panties.

2 of the dolls have ribbon tie shoes (Gigi and Jaclyn) and the others have very nice elegant styles. Their feet have a high arch, so they will not be able to share shoes with other 15" - 16" fashion dolls. These dolls also seem to be especially thin in the waist, so they may not be able to share clothing either.

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