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Princess Anastasia Ashton Drake Fine Figurine Fabergé inspired

Princess Anastasia Ashton Drake Fine Figurine Fabergé inspired
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Princess Anastasia' Figurine Handcrafted in fine artist's resin, elegant princess carries an evening bag inspired by the jeweled eggs of Peter Carl Fabergé Measures 3.1 inches (7.87 cm) in width

A hushed silence befalls the royal occasion as the Princess’ arrival is announced... The exquisite grandeur of the majestic palace fades as the glamorous Anastasia gracefully makes her entrance to regal fanfare. The enchanting maiden’s radiant beauty draws admiring glances from the world’s nobility and society’s elite alike as each guest ceremoniously greets her. Rustling with each elegant step, the princess’ bespoke satin gown shimmers as it embraces her slender figure. Her delicate complexion, sapphire-blue eyes and rosebud lips are framed by her lavish hat, adorned with glimmering jeweled eggs. The perfect accompaniment to her attire, Princess Anastasia carries an evening bag inspired by the exclusive, world-renowned jeweled eggs designed by Peter Carl Fabergé, as gifts for Russian royalty.

Now, almost a century after his very first creation – an Easter-time gift for the wife of Russian Tsar, Alexander III, commissioned in 1885 – you too can experience the luxurious opulence of a Fabergé-inspired treasure with the captivating Princess Anastasia Figurine – a one-of-a-kind heirloom treasure honouring unique beauty and timeless appeal!

This exceptional first-of-a-kind figurine has been expertly crafted by hand from fine artist’s resin to create a totally unique treasure, brought to life through intricate hand-painting. Embellished with rich golden accents, the poised lady’s lavish gown showcases delicate Fabergé-inspired detailing. Faux-jewelled eggs and plush feather details create a truly opulent finish for an exceptional figurine

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