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4.5" H The Boyds Town Police Station RETIRED

4.5" H   The Boyds Town Police Station   RETIRED
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4.5" H   The Boyds Town Police Station   RETIRED
Better watch yer speed in the school zone and don't even think about not feedin' the meter...'cause Boyds Town's Finest (the boys in blue) are quick with a ticket and a lecture or two. The Boyds Town Police Station (betta known as "The Klink" to overnight visitors) was built way back when by Wild Bear Hic-Up, the first town sheriff, to keep cowbear bandits from causin' trouble in town. Although the building has gone through some major renovations over the years, you can still find reminders of its early days as a one-room jailhouse-the underground solitary confinement chamber and the donut shop (usin' the same recipe Wild Bear cooked up two centuries ago!).

Sheriff Andy takes great pride in his precinct-even got Bearmerica's Most Wanted to broadcast right from the front step! When he's not out nabbin' perps, he's doin' paperwork in his chambers-today Susie's stopped by for a visit (and to pay a parking fine with a baker's dozen of donuts!).

Little does he know that Susie's keepin' him distracted while Alphonse break's outta The Klink. He's out back hidin' in the bushes and tryin' to cut his handcuffs with a pair of nail clippers!

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