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HEART OF LOVE 0905160001 Thomas Kinkade Heartfelt Promises

HEART OF LOVE 0905160001 Thomas Kinkade Heartfelt Promises
Item# 0905160001
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Item Number: 0905160001

Heaven’s most beautiful angels take colourful inspiration from nature’s most magnificent blossom, the rose, in Thomas Kinkade Heartfelt Promises. The beloved artistry of the famed Painter of Light™ casts its luminance on the importance of women’s heart health. The collection debuts with “Heart of Love.” She’s gloriously hand-painted in deep crimson red, perfectly matching the hand-sculpted roses that grace her exquisite gown and golden hair. Set against such bold tones, her majestic, heart-shaped wings glisten with a light all their own. Each meticulously hand-etched “feather” is finished with a special silvery pearlescence and plenty of glitter for a heaven-sent radiance.

But it’s “Heart of Love’s” stunning glass heart that truly lets this angel’s caring message shine brightest. Brilliantly cut with the utmost precision to allow for optimal sparkle, her gorgeous, rose-coloured heart is an ever-twinkling reminder to treasure our own like the fine priceless treasure it is.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated by Hamilton to heart health education and awareness programs.

Figurine measures approx. 7" tall.

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