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DWD84 Barbie Antiope Wonder Woman Doll 2017

DWD84 Barbie Antiope Wonder Woman Doll 2017
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DWD84 Barbie Antiope Wonder Woman Doll 2017
2017 Wonder Woman Antiope Barbie

Sister of Queen Hippolyta and general of the Amazon warriors

Part #DWD84

As a massive conflict raged in the outside world, princess Diana trained to be an unconquerable Amazon warrior on her idyllic and hidden home. Paradise Island. Convinced she could help stop the forces that threaten mankind, Diana leaves her home and assumes a sevret identity: Diana Prince. Joining forces in a war to end all wars, Diana soon discovers her extraordinary powers. She becomes...Wonder Woman, one of the world's greatest and most powerful Super Heroes, a fierce warrior with incredible strength, grace and wisdom. Complete with stand.

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