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Corvette Barbie Doll RED 2009 American Icons Series

Corvette Barbie Doll  RED 2009 American Icons Series
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Corvette Barbie Doll  RED 2009 American Icons Series
Celebrating Barbie® doll's 50th Anniversary a beautiful glamour doll designed by Robert Best. Barbie celebrates some of the most iconic brands in American history. Barbie® doll commemorates 55 years of Corvette® excellence! This striking doll features classic ‘Vette™ imagery and is part of the American Favorites™ Collection, celebrating beloved brands. Join the Corvette® Barbie® doll treasure hunt! Find your favorite, available dressed in radiant yellow, classic red, or hot Star ‘Vette™ pink — inspired by Barbie® doll’s fabulous sports car from the 1980s! But the real adventure is in completing your collection. The three dolls will appear randomly at your retailer — red most often, pink most rarely, and yellow in between. You may have to make a number of pit stops to find them all! Good luck in your race to the treasure hunt finish line!

American Icons 2009

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