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5" H Boyds Town Pub N Grub House Retired

5" H   Boyds Town Pub N Grub House Retired
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5" H   Boyds Town Pub N Grub House Retired
19021 - Pub 'N Grub, 5"H Life gettin' ya down? Need someplace to get away? Head on down to the Pub 'N Grub...where everybody bearly knows yer name! Owner KC, a brew master from Bearvaria, used to make his own homemade Root Bear. Folks got wind, and soon he had so many orders for the stuff he decided to build his very own Bear Garden-an old-world tavern complete with slate and tile roof, flowering window boxes, and plenty of café tables for outdoor dinin'. The joint is jumpin' after five, when the fellas from the Bearly-Able Construction Co. stop by for a pint or two...even Mrs. Trumble's paid a visit for a nip of the sweet stuff (says it cures her bearcitis!). Happy Hour always packs 'em in...the Pub 'N Grub serves the best bar-be-cue, hot dogs, and shish-kabobs this side of Bearsylvania! It's all-you-can-eat for a nickel...looks like Alphonse has already had his fair share!

Too much Root Bear got ya blurry-eyed? No problem-head next door to the Laser Vision Clinic for a quick fix and then hurry back to the Pub for a chat with KC and a game of Old Maid or darts!

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