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Barbie® as Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady™ at the Embassy Ball

Barbie® as Eliza Doolittle from My Fair Lady™ at the Embassy Ball
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1996 Voices become hushed, and all eyes are upon her as Eliza Doolittle™ makes her debut at the Embassy Ball. Transformed into a perfect lady, she wins the admiration of everyone around her. She's utterly radiant in an ivory colored gown adorned with shimmering rhinestones and long beads. With her long white gloves, rhinestone necklace and rhinestone tiara crowning her beautiful brown hair, it's no wonder she's mistaken for royalty.

It's another authentic recreation from My Fair Lady™ as a very poised and proper Eliza Doolittle™ comes back to forgive the arrogant Henry Higgins™ in the film's final scene. By now Eliza has been transformed into a true lady, not just in clothes and diction, but in spirit as well. She's a picture of perfection in her sheer pink chiffon gown decorated with ruffles and a rosette. Her matching pink hat is also decorated with soft ruffles. From her graceful hat to her flowing pink boa, she'll make a lasting impression on anyone who sees her.

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