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66570 Wendy With Tony Sarg Marionettes 2013 Madame Alexander 8" Doll

66570 Wendy With Tony Sarg Marionettes 2013 Madame Alexander 8" Doll
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8-inch fully-articulated Wendy With Tony Sarg Marionettes is ready to put on a show. This brown-eyed cutie will do so wearing a short-sleeved, hot pink floral pattern dress that’s enhanced at the hem, waist and on the white collar with pink and white scalloped, embroidered trim. Nailheads for buttons down the center front add a piquant touch as does the pink bow in her long taffy tan hair, with bangs, that’s pulled up on the sides and held with the bow. Pink Mary Jane’s, white socks and panties, as well as a white, lace-trimmed, petticoat finishes Wendy With Tony Sarg Marionettes. Now…what about that show? Well to begin with she needs marionettes and she has two of those… Little Red Riding Hood wearing a sleeveless dress that has a white cotton bodice and a red and white gingham skirt. Worn over the dress is a red flock, hooded cape that has a red satin ribbon waistband and closures. And where there’s Little Red Riding Hood there has to be a Wolf and he is dressed as a granny in a pink floral dress. Wendy, Red and Wolf…all you need is a theatre and you’ll get that too.

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