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1988 California Dream Midge Barbie Comic Book #4442

1988 California Dream Midge Barbie Comic Book  #4442
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1988 California Dream Midge Barbie Comic Book  #4442
We're talkin' fun in the sun for California Barbie and her friends! Midge made a revival for a few years in the late 80's, until the early 90's aas Barbie's best friend "again".

Midge is 11 1/2" tall, vinyl. Swivel jointed neck, jointed shoulders, waist, hips and soft vinyl legs with bendable knees.

Rooted red hair is in the original style with nice curl and bangs. Midge uses the rare 1971 STEFFIE head mold with painted features and freckles. 1966 dated Mattel original Barbie body style with hourglass figure.

Cool earrings; one is yellow with a LOVE post, and a peace sign, the other is a blue triangle post with a blue record/CD. Midge is all original with hot pink spandex swimsuit/body suit, a multi colored skirt, blue polkadto vest, knee pads and soft vinyl roller skates.

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